Saturday, October 10, 2009


Fresh entertainments awaited back at the Jardin. So we took our leave from the bullfights. As we rounded the corner for a full view of the plaza, the first of the fireworks towers was ignited. We threaded our way through the crowd for a closer look, pinwheels sparking to life with glowing images of dolphins and angels. A rotating marquee sparkle-spelled “Bendicenos Sn Miguel” (bless us St. Mike) again and again as it spun around; smoke so thick, you could barely make out the words. 
Pinwheels and rockets fired and waned as the main fuse gradually worked its way to the top spinner, which sprayed sparks everywhere. Suddenly, it flared into warp drive, came unhinged from its pivot, and spun into space, to the cheers of the crowd. A second, even more dramatic castillo de cuetes (fireworks tower) was touched off. When that had played out, more traditional Disney-style fireworks filled the skies. No cordon of safety here! People wiped their eyes and brushed cinders out of their hair as the last flares faded and the crowd dispersed into the smoky haze, dimly illuminated by streetlamps. 
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